The Further Adventures of Bear the Bullmastiff


Howdy ya’ll! Bear here with a quick update on my last few weeks on the road. Feels good to be back behind the keyboard again. After leaving Tucson we spent about 5 enchanting days in the incomparable beauty of Sedona, Arizona. Words cannot even describe the magical atmosphere of this place. It’s just something you have to experience for yourself and should be on everyone’s bucket list. Man, did I ever enjoy marking my territory on those gorgeous red rocks and evergreen trees. BOL! (bark out loud). The climate was amazing and the sights and smells were even better.

bear and G

Mama human spent a morning alone with me that was life changing for the both of us.  She took me to some place called a vortex which is supposed to be an area of concentrated spiritual energy. This specific one was called the Airport Vortex and was known to be one of masculine energy.  She had no idea how badly I needed this after losing my manhood shortly before we left on our trip. Supposedly, there was no room for “them” in the camper.

Anyway, it was a gorgeous morning as we set out and began our trip up the mountain.  Papa human was watching over the pups at the campground and mama and I were free to venture into unknown lands. As we drove up the steep, curving road I could feel my chest filling with an unbridled strength and energy. About halfway up mama began nervously trembling and spewing profanities the likes of a long haul trucker. I could hear her foot shaking on the gas pedal of the truck as she gripped the wheel tightly. I looked out the window and witnessed the thousand foot drop off the side and was riddled with fear as well. Thank God we reached the apex safe and sound. The view from above was simply awe-inspiring. I felt like letting out an enthusiastic howl for the whole world to hear.   My poor human however, was sweating and shaking like a Chihuahua by the time we got out of the car.  I knew it was up to me to calm her down.  I nuzzled up to her to let her know I was there to protect her and that she was ok.  She took me for a picturesque walk and I could feel her energy changing as the minutes passed. She was herself again and ready to hoop it up at the top of the mountain.

Hooping is not for me. I’ve been wacked in the muzzle by a mishandled hula hoop more than I care to remember. And I don’t jump through hoops for anyone either. I  don’t roll like that!  I’m not an agile kind of canine.  My way to enjoy hooping is to relax in a shady spot a safe distance away with a cool bowl of water, listening to my human’s groovy tunes and keeping a watchful eye. And that’s just what we did that morning.


Later that day we went to a park with the whole family.  It was delightful, just like everywhere we went in Sedona.  I was free to run and play in a big open grassy area of the park.  And then, just like a scene from a movie I saw her… She was a smoking hot dame, I mean Dane. Sophia the Great Dane and I frolicked, rolled and ran the open field for hours.  My mojo was back and my A game was in full swing. This bitch was diggin’ me in a major way! I attributed my irresistible Mastiff magnetism to the energy I absorbed at the vortex.  I could have stayed there forever with Sophia, but sadly the sun was setting and my family had to leave. We sniffed each other’s butts one more time and said goodbye. Guess I’ll never know what could have been.


After that we high tailed it the rest of the way to Nevada.  We hit a few more sweet places on the route to Reno. Lake Walter being the sweetest! Then we dry camped in a Walmart parking lot outside of Las Vegas, which meant there’d be no water or electricity. All the lights and commotion kinda put me on high alert that night, but it was all good when the sun came up.  There were however lots of strange looking dudes asking my humans for money as we were getting ready to leave. Papa gave them some food and even walked over and bought someone a container of gas for their broken down car. Man, I love that guy and his big heart!  Mama says she can’t tell if he’s a sucker or a saint sometimes (but it’s surely evident that she loves him either way.) Me too.


We are currently in Reno, Nevada and I have to say that this is a very dog friendly city.  I have been welcomed in so many places here.  I even got to stay at a big fancy casino one night and had a guest leash and special places for me to do my business.  That was quite a treat!  I felt like Bo Obama with all the attention I received as I swaggered my big ole self across the casino floor.  I wasn’t crazy about the elevators, though. I almost lost my kibble on the way up to the 10th floor. But Bean and I enjoyed an incredible night in a room with 2 king sized beds and lots of warm cuddly kids to sleep with. Getting a taste of high society life sure was awesome, but deep down I’m just a simple dog with simple needs. I’ll take the travel trailer with my loving humans any day.

I made a really good friend here as well. He’s a golden retriever named Bailey who lives across from the dog walk area.  We romp around twice a day together and he’s become a nice pal that I look forward to seeing. I could deal without his incessant mounting, but we all have our faults.

Bear at San Rafael

And this week my humans found me the finest dog park I have ever laid paws on. It literally took my drool away.  We are talking acres and acres of grassy field with 360 degrees of mountain views… all fenced for safety of course.  It felt like the floor of Westminster with every breed imaginable rolling, prancing, sniffing, fetching… you name it. We are planning on heading back there again tomorrow because Papa said I’m being such a “good boy”. So I finally got the answer to the question I keep hearing everywhere I go, “Whose a good boy?” Guess it’s me after all 🙂 It sure is a dog’s life!

So until next time, my friends. Bear out. Smell ya later…




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