My adventures continue around the country with my humans and my little buddy, Bean. We spent several months in different cities around Arizona. Here’s a rundown of the places I have been.

Casa Grande, Dec. 2013:

We arrived in Casa Grande RV Resort, in AZ just a few days before Christmas. We were there because it was one of the very few campgrounds that would allow human children. Southern Arizona in the winter is full of the 55+ crowd with their featherweight pooches. The campground was beautiful and the staff was very kind, but the vibe from fellow campers was not as welcoming.

A new neighbor pulled in and saw me tied outside and gave me a very mean look and shook his head. Mama human spoke right up to say, “He’s big, but very friendly”. The man just ignored her and walked right on by with an obvious look of disgust. I could see mama human pacing and aggravated, but then she calmed herself  and walked over to the new neighbor’s motorhome. Her hand was outstretched and she said politely, “Hi, I’m Gina, I don’t want to start out on a bad note with my neighbors.” She then began to speak nicely about me and other topics. Eventually, the man’s expression began to soften and finally revealed a smile.

Mama says I’m just misunderstood. She told me that there will always be people who will discriminate against me. They will judge before knowing me and they will make assumptions about my temperament just because of my big head, drooling joules, and muscular physique. She told me to just be proud and be my sweet self and that she will handle all the grumpy breed-ists. Mama’s got my back and I’ve got hers!


Yuma, Jan/Feb 2014:

A few weeks later we headed to Yuma, AZ. Again the little humans made the search for an RV park almost impossible. The only place they could find to accept children was in Winterhaven, CA. just outside of Yuma. River’s Edge Resort was a nice place. We had a big shady tree and there was a long dog walking area. Papa Human got a job at a school and left for work early on most days. They all share one vehicle, so mama was dropping him at work most mornings with us pups and kids in tow. After the drop off, we would go straight to  “Bark Park” a really nice doggie park. Bean and I would play there early mornings for 1-2 hours.


I became very well known at Bark Park and I looked forward to seeing my familiar friends there every morning. There was every breed you could think of and all escorted by their kind, caring, loyal and attentive masters. This was a great crowd of regulars. This Monday-Friday canine crew was so well socialized.  Master Pete wanted to see the dog park as well, so he took me there on the weekend. Woah, what a different crowd it was. Masters had their dogs on leashes with muzzles and there were frequent scuffles between the dogs. Mama said the weekday dogs were like the homeschool dogs and the weekend dogs were like the tougher public school pups. I assume she was comparing it to the little human park days.


Yuma was a few months of warm, dusty fun. But then this   happened so off we went.


 Tucson, AZ. March- April 2014:

 We headed to Tucson because there was a Roadschool Rally taking place in a few weeks. It was a campground we had been to before, but it was under new ownership. I was yappy to see that the Lazy Days KOA had kept the campground dog park in tact and beautifully maintained. My thoughtful masters asked for a spot close to the pet park. Just outside our camper was a large grapefruit tree that emanated the sweet smell of nectar. I spent some time tied with my cozy dog bed in the cool shade of that tree. It was a little slice of heaven. I got to run free 3-4 times per day with my canine friends. The humans were busy with lots of other traveling families having a blast, but they took great care of me there. Doggie resort style!



 Camp Verde, AZ. April 2014:

The humans were excited to see something called the Grand Canyon. We left Tucson and were headed that way when the truck just stopped driving. Tensions were way high and they pulled me out and tied me up to a barb wire fence on some desert hill. I was cold and confused. At first the whole family was up there with me but then it was just me, Bean and Master Pete.  I was tied there for hours and the nervous energy was not soothing to say the least. Finally, a big, rough man came with a loud truck and then I was put in the camper. But it looked different. The walls were all closed in tight and everything was small and crowded. There was a little room for Bean and I to sit on the couch.  Suddenly we were moving! My home was moving and it was scary. Bean and I were being tossed about carelessly and could not brace ourselves. Things were falling out of the cabinets and a horrible rumbling sound was coming from beneath. What and why was this happening? We could not understand and we wanted to get out immediately. 

It seemed like forever when the door finally swung open. I was relieved to see my whole human family standing in front of me calling me to come out. I was shaken up by the experience and when I looked up I saw a blood red moon. It was certainly an unusual night, in more ways than one.

When the sun came up I saw that we were in a beautiful campground called Distant Drums RV Resort with an off leash park and hiking trails. We stayed two nights while the truck was repaired.


Flagstaff, AZ. April 2014:

We left again in good spirits and were headed for the Grand Canyon! A little bit into our trip I felt that familiar shake, and stall of the truck.  I trembled at the thought of being towed in the trailer again. We broke down right in the entrance to Flagstaff KOA. Luckily, I could just trot on in and get tied up to a post while waiting for the rest of my crew.  Again, this was not a bad place to be stuck. We took a gorgeous hike while there and mama got some handsome photo shots of me and my buddy Bean.


Grand Canyon, AZ. April 2014:

There was some talk about whether or not my humans would bring me along to the canyon. They decided I could come since I’m “Such a gooood boy”.  It was like nothing I had seen before and I felt so fortunate to experience this sight with my family. The spectacular view simply took my drool away! After a while, Bean and I got tied to a bench so the humans could climb up in a tower and enter the gift shop. Every time they would pass the windows in the tower they would look down at us and shout out to let us know it was still ok. Lots of strangers smiled at us while we waited. Many said, “Awww, big dog, little dog. What a pair!” People love to state the obvious. Before we left I took a nice long pee on a giant pine tree as a message to all future mutts… that this one was mine!


So I, Bear, have seen A LOT of Arizona. I certainly enjoyed the sun, cacti and the many dogs and humans we met along the way. I’m heading West my friends, where I am looking forward to leaving my mark on the biggest Redwood I can find~



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  1. Keep on trucking, keep on writing, continue to do your thing, but remember to come home some day where so many are waiting for you!

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