Beginning the Purge

It’s time to purge and think like a minimalist.

Today was the first of the bigger items to go.  The outdoor climber and club house and Little Tike roller coaster were picked up and taken away to a new home. The yard looks empty and reality is setting in.   I have been taking pictures of “stuff” and posting on Craigslist this week. It feels like an overwhelming task at times but for the most part it feels good.  My house is so cluttered with extra toys and things and I know that I will feel lighter and clearer as we sort things out.

The kids response so far has been very positive.

They helped carry the slide and roller coaster out to the truck and were happy for the girls who would be receiving their things.  The older kids seem to be focused on the new adventure. I am very grateful for that.  It’s only the beginning and I’m not expecting the purging to all go as smoothly as today.  We’ll see how all the change affects them as time goes on.  I am trying to  stay aware and  in tune with each of them. I’ve been experiencing waves of overwhelm and stress mixed with the excitement of our tour.  The children will most likely have some of the same emotions.

The timing of when to get rid of things is difficult.

I was waiting until a few months before launch date to start unloading and now the time is here.  It’s quite like living in limbo and feels very strange to post my couches for sale.  Where will we sit for the next month?  And when do we sell our TV? Deep breath…and one thing at a time.

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