Catching up with Growing Rootless


This is just a quick update of our travels since my last post in December.  So sorry I haven’t posted earlier. Its been such a hectic couple of months traveling, homeschooling and adjusting to new locales. I’m back at it and motivated to keep it going as it was. Last we spoke we were set up in Reno, NV for about 3 months.  The RV park we stayed at was part of a huge casino with every amenity possible. Yet, we could drive 10 miles and be out and about in some natural surroundings that were truly breathtaking.  Reno had the best of city life and country all in one. We took advantage of the season we were there with a trip to the pumpkin farm,  hiking along the Truckee River, a visit to Lake Tahoe, and the kids got to see their first snow .  We picked a nice neighborhood for trick or treating, spent Thanksgiving dinner at the casino, and went on an awesome snowy “Candy Cane Express” train ride through the snow-capped mountains. But the best thing about Reno was the wonderful friends we made there.



As the fall temps of Northern Nevada started to plummet we learned that cold weather living in the camper is no easy feat.  We were waking up with frozen pipes and chilly toes. Who wants to get out from under their covers when they can see their breath? A frozen black tank really put us to the test (for you non-RVers that means a frozen solid poopcicle tank). We were so thankful to be saved by some seasoned RVer friends who spent the day helping us with a heat blower and other tactics.


We learned a lot regarding how much can run on 30 amps of electricity. It was a fine art discovering which appliances could run at the same time as the heat fan or space heater. It was a tough decision to aim the heat fan off my face long enough to make a pot of coffee!

The original plan was to stay right through winter. Then when we saw that there was a break in the extreme cold weather, we knew it was wise to make a run for it while we had clear roads to travel on.


From there we went South and stayed in Casa Grande, AZ. We arrived just before Christmas and spent the holidays there.  It was very difficult to get speaking engagements or any work during the holidays.  We were running out of funds quickly and got in a bit of a pickle. We started looking for alternative ideas for work and knew we would probably have to find a different location.


Pete found a fantastic job working with teens in Yuma and that’s where we’ve been ever since. So that brings ya’ll up to speed with where we are now.  The weather is gorgeous, no more winter coats.  It’s a pleasure to keep the door and windows open again.  We are enjoying it while we can because we hear temps here will get well over 100 degrees in the warmer months.  We plan to stay until the end of May and then head to the cooler mountains for the summer.


There is a lot of Old West history here and the library system is good, so the kids and I  are keeping busy learning about the area.  So far the homeschool scene is (eh, just ok). We are hoping to get a little more involved since we have some time. There is an amazing playground with a castle nearby. The desert hiking is beautiful and plentiful, and the Colorado River is in our backyard. Watching the sunrise behind the mountains in the morning is such a sight to be seen.  There is also a great dog park nearby.  This area meets all requirements for an extended stay and except for FL it seems to be the only warm place in the country right now. No complaints here!



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