A Personal Note on Self Love

Eyes of the beholder

Eyes of the beholder

There have been many changes over the past 7 months while traveling with my family full time in an RV. As we continue this journey we are discovering what matters most to us, what we need to live, and what makes us happy. Some discoveries have been about homeschool, our relationships, financial needs, logistics of small spaces and others have been personal revelations. Continue reading

How mama got her groove back-with help from a hoop

Hoop Dance Bliss

Mama gets her groove on!


I love to share my hoop dance story because it is something that has changed my life so profoundly. The lesson I learned enhanced everything in my life.

At 36 and a mom of 4 kids ages 6mos, 2, 4, and 6, I was personally a mess.  I loved being a mom and homeschooling and breastfeeding and all those wonderful, giving experiences. BUT as an individual, a woman, a wife, I was slowly slipping away. I was deserting all that I was…”losing my mojo”. Continue reading