“Enjoy them, they won’t be little forever!”

Growing up too fast

Growing up so fast!

Geez, I have heard this over and over.  Quite honestly, this comment bugs me! It’s usually the older passerby in a store or sometimes an older relative.  With 4 kids within 6yrs, I have been in survival mode for the last three years. I don’t need someone to remind me that I don’t always enjoy it!   I do TRY to soak in the few minutes of peace and contentment that all four have at the same time…when it happens. But for the most part, it has been survival.

Last night I was clicking through some old pictures of when my youngest was an infant. The older kids (then 2, 3, 5 ) were standing around her and I had to ask myself. Where did the time go? Look at those adorable little faces all round and baby-like, the little boy bowl haircut, awww. It really is going too fast and I need to slow down and enjoy it.

My youngest will be four in September, so they are all out of the baby years. It really has gotten much easier with no diapers, strollers, highchairs, etc.

It is time to enjoy these little people that I have worked so hard to care for.

I am looking forward to leaving on our trip toward a simpler life. I want to slow down and focus on what we can do together. What can we learn about today? What can we see and discover? There is a beautiful window of time for the next few years.  They are still young children but they are old enough to be a little independent. They can brush their teeth, get dressed and can buckle their own seat belts.

It has gotten easier and now I must promise myself to step out of survival and into joyful and purposeful participation. I am so ready!

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