How mama got her groove back-with help from a hoop

Hoop Dance Bliss

Mama gets her groove on!


I love to share my hoop dance story because it is something that has changed my life so profoundly. The lesson I learned enhanced everything in my life.

At 36 and a mom of 4 kids ages 6mos, 2, 4, and 6, I was personally a mess.  I loved being a mom and homeschooling and breastfeeding and all those wonderful, giving experiences. BUT as an individual, a woman, a wife, I was slowly slipping away. I was deserting all that I was…”losing my mojo”.

As if an epiphany came over me one day, I had a memory of a beautiful hoop dancer on the beach in Clearwater, from three years prior. I remember staring, mesmerized by her long flowing skirt and turning, twirling hoops. The feeling of pure bliss as she gracefully spinned in the sunset! Ahhh, it was everything that I was missing. Tranquility, peace, movement, the ability to hear myself think or feel from my inner being.

After some internet searching I found out that there were whole communities of these beautiful hoopers and hundreds of youtube tutorials on how to get started. I learned how to make my own hoop and was soon on my way.

I then discovered it was much more difficult than I thought. I could barely keep that giant, heavy hoop on my waist. Every time it went around, my shirt would lift up, and I would be reminded that I lost my thin waist to my mushy baby belly. Defeat, self-doubt and disappointment were creeping in. I would never look or feel like that woman on the beach. Who was I kidding?

The next day I woke up sore from my hooping attempt.  I decided to just keep the hoop around for exercise. Day after day I would spin it a little longer. Then one day I could take a step with it. Soon I was able to walk with it spinning on my waist all around the house. I started putting music on and bought the kids some small hoops to play with and we would all jam out in the afternoons.  Something was happening. A lot was happening…the cloud was lifting. This daily jam was boosting my mood, helping me have fun with my kids, toning up my body, and leading me back to my self.

It was literally a new beginning for me. I had finally learned that I really could do anything if I was persistent and put my heart into it. It started an effect on my life that has led me to our current plans of full time RV life and teaching hoop dance along the way, spreading the joys of hooping to everyone I meet.

One of my biggest goals as a parent is to pass this self-belief on to my kids, not only through hooping, but through anything they express an interest in.

Do you have a passion in your life that keeps you in touch with your self? I would love to hear what others do to keep their mojo!


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