How much would you pay for a family travel experience?

Family airboat ride

I recently had a change of heart over how much I am willing to pay for my family to have a new and/or unique travel experience.

We have become very innovative at discovering free or inexpensive things to do.  Having 4 kids makes it difficult to buy the all day bounce house bracelet or tickets at a fair. It’s all a small fortune. We stick to nature walks, tours, museums, library activities, community events, etc. Until… 

Recently when my brother was in town and treated us all to an airboat ride. In our 8 yrs in southern FL none of us had tried it. Again it was just one of those things that I thought were a frivolous way to spend money. Well  that was one hour that we will not soon forget.  We saw tons of gators, baby birds up close in their nest, turtles, and got to be alone in what seemed like endless swamp land. We heard the history of the land and information about conserving it.  All this while being connected to each other through our voice headphones. Being able to hear the kids oohs, aahs and gasps above the loud airboat were priceless. The tour we took was with Captain Bob in Vero Beach. We have no affiliation with them. We just loved our adventure.

This was a true feeling of natural Florida. It gave us a chance to really see, up close the living creatures, the smells of the plant life and the authentic habitat of these Florida inhabitants.

So it got me thinking that maybe I should be willing to pay more for experiences like this for our family. Before I would not even consider it. After all, it is not really “in the budget” type of stuff. Well, I think I may just have to start adding that in. I’ve come up with a criteria for these splurge opportunities and I hope to find something special in each of the cities that we get to spend time in.

Is it specific to the region we are in?

Does it capture the essence of the area?

Are we going to learn something from it?

Is it going to engage all of our senses?

Is it a bonding experience?

Is it a once in a lifetime activity?

If yes, then I say it is NOT frivolous but rather the perfect thing to do. Of course we are a large family and we cannot do everything we see. But this wonderful airboat ride changed my whole idea of what I would pay for a travel experience.

What were your best splurge experiences?  Have you passed up any opportunities that you would go back and try?  Please tell us so we may start a bucket list!

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