Launch Update

Our first spot at Treasure Coast RV in Fort Pierce...Where it all began.

What a whirlwind of an exit! We planned a launch date of September 1st but had several delays that led to us leaving on the 6th.  Here’s the quick version to bring you all up to speed…

Those of you who know Pete and I personally, know that we have crazy packed schedules. We didn’t slow down a smidge to make time for all of the extra work it would take to prepare for leaving. One big obstacle for us was that we were sharing one vehicle for the last two months. This made coordinating work and all of our efforts more difficult.

We were keeping the camper at a wonderful RV park in Fort Pierce. It was local, clean and had a super helpful and friendly staff. We rented a spot for the month of August with the “intent” of moving our stuff in slowly.

Numerous delays were due to car issues. We needed tires, a new TV screen in the truck, a brake controller installation, and a replaced fuel filter and some other power steering hydraulic something or other. Each issue cost more than expected, did not go smoothly, and took way too much time.

After finally getting to the point of trying to hook the truck up to the camper and test it out, we were having weight and hitch issues. Thanks to a good friend, we got some help crunching the numbers. We had to pack and unpack several times to distribute our weight properly and keep us in a safe towing  range.

Our house was the most difficult thing of all.  We lived in the house for 8 years and of course with 4 kids, we accumulated way too much stuff! This part was stressful. We had a houseful of perfectly good “stuff” that we no longer wanted. It was not hard to let it go, but it was difficult to physically get it out and into the hands of someone who needed it.  We sold as much as possible and had fun giving things to our friends. The rest had to be donated.  Some went to a pregnancy center and some to the Veteran’s Association.

The overall feeling of getting out on the road was overwhelming. By the end of August, the myriad of emotions attached to our material world felt suffocating.  But as we paused and drove away from the house for that last time, we took a deep breath and let ourselves be free of it all. Free at last…

17 thoughts on “Launch Update

  1. You and your family are to be admired. To just sell your home, your belongings and take all to the road to start your journey is just amazing. I’ve said it many times, but I’ll say it again…God Bless the Giargentes everyday throughout their journey and may the lives they touch and the lives they save along the way be blessed also! A trip that will be forever memories for the rest of your lives!

    • Yes Jen thanks. We are still letting things go with each stop as we see what we really need. Yesterday we discovered that our entire couch has a storage under it! Resisting the urge to fill it!

  2. I remain impressed by all of you! Thinking of you often with hopes that you are safe, happy and enjoying this incredible journey. Can’t wait to read more! BTW, a very happy birthday to Miss Sadie! She will always be one of my favorite stories. xoxo

  3. Hope all is well and you are having a great time with family and promoting your wonderful book.
    Your Starbucks friends. Be safe!!
    John and Jan

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