Mini Van Swagger to Diesel Rumbling Powerhouse

mini van and excursion

the rollercoaster of our new tow vehicle.

Yes, it’s true, I loved my mini van! With stow-and-go storage in the floor, roomy leather seats, perfect family fit and awesome sunken trunk for my hula hoops, it could not be beat.  I was sad to trade it in.

We searched far and wide for weeks for a Ford Excursion or a Suburban 2500 to pull our heavy camper.  They were the only two vehicles that had the towing capacity we needed and also had three rows of seating for the kids and dogs.

It was a grueling search.  We stretched our budget for the camper to the max, so we were looking for an even trade for our 2010 mini van.  It was going to be difficult to find a truck in that price range. Finally a new listing popped up on Craigslist for a 7.3 liter diesel Excursion in my area.  It looked like a beauty from the outside.  We checked it out  and Pete brought it home the next day.

I still had some papers to sign at the dealer, so I stopped there with all the kids the following day. As we drove out of the dealer after signing the final purchase agreement, the car started shaking and sputtering. I thought it was going to stall out.  I returned to the dealer and brought the owner for a ride with us.  It started shaking furiously!! He assured me it would be fixed and I borrowed my own van while repairs were made. We got it back with a repaired fuel injector line and a new glow plug but the next day Pete started stalling out when it reached 60mph.  He returned it and we borrowed a Suburban for another few days.

I picked it up after a control module was replaced and it still didn’t feel right. This time I drove it directly to a reputable diesel mechanic of our choice. Which meant the dealer would not be paying for it 🙁  The next day it was up and running and we were told it was ready for the road. If you’re in South Florida we highly recommend

On to the next hurdle… our new Excursion has 22 inch low profile “pimp-daddy” wheels which are horrible for towing. So now we are looking to trade for stock tires. The search is back on!!!

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