Out of the Mouths of Babes


One of the questions we get often on our blog is, “How do the kids like traveling full time?”

From our point of view it seems as though they’re having a blast. There’s a brand-new playground, backyard, and gang of friends every few weeks and a ton of fresh places to explore and things to learn. Of course, it’s not all easy peasy every day. We hit some rough patches from time to time. Rainy weather, homesickness, and kidless RV parks can be very tiring to people their age. So we thought we would try to gain some insight straight from the source. Here’s what’s going on:

1. What do you miss most about your home in Florida?

Sadie, age 4-  “My white wooden bed with the perfect mattress and my best friend Jacky who always read me books and sang princess songs with me”

Reid, age 6-  “My bunkbeds, catching lizards, going to grandma’s all the time and getting sweets”

Luke, age 8-  “My best friend Robbie, and playing in the woods across the street from our house and pretending to be on safari”

Zoe, age 10– “having relatives close by, the community pool, and my bff Emily.”



 2.  What do you like best about fulltiming in an RV?

Sadie- “New parks all the time, being all together in our bunkbeds and Bear jumping in my bed every night”

Reid- “Seeing all the beautiful rivers and mountains, meeting new dogs all the time, collecting rocks and crystals”

Luke- “Meeting new people from all over the world, and when the fire alarm goes off when mom is cooking and she gets so mad”

Zoe- “Seeing new places everyday and meeting friends of all ages”



3. What is the most difficult things about living in an RV?

Sadie- “Zoe doesn’t let me in the top bunk”

Reid- “Stinky bathroom and Bear always hogs the couch”

Luke- “Daddy stinking up the bathroom”

 Zoe- “Long travel days, the little kids constantly whining, and mommy and daddy arguing over directions”


4. What are your favorites memories of fulltiming so far?

Sadie- “Seeing the “Zonkey” half zebra half donkey at the zoo in Yuma”

Reid- “going down Carlsbad Caverns and when the streets were full of kids at the Fulltime Family Rally”

Luke- “Slide Rock in Sedona because I was brave enough to go first into freezing cold water”

Zoe- “the gunfights and can-can dancers at Old Tucson”





5. How do you like homeschooling on the road?

Sadie- “I’m doing awesome in school and I can write everybody’s names”

Reid- “I like all the museums we go to.”

Luke- “I like when we write in our journals about things we did or places we went”

Zoe- “I like to see all the different libraries and borrow books on the Kindle. It’s also nice to meet other homeschool groups and make new friends”



6. What are you favorite things to learn?

 Sadie-  “Letters and drawing”

Reid-  “Rocks, natural disasters, and space”

Luke-  “drawing, jokes, super heroes, and Star Wars”

 Zoe-  “music, pets, solar energy, and geography”


7. What are your favorite things to play with?

Sadie- “Mommy’s bras and Bears squishy face!”

Reid- “Cars, Legos, hiking and finding crystals”

Luke- “Legos and kids in the campgrounds”

Zoe- “Barbies, my iTouch, and riding bikes and scooters”


8. How do mommy and daddy annoy you?

Sadie-  “Daddy’s wet kisses and always telling me to go ni-night! Mommy always trying to brush my knotty hair and calling it a rat’s nest”

Reid-  “Daddy not letting me ride my bike wherever I want and mommy not letting me eat whatever I want. Also getting consequences for bad choices.”

Luke-  “Mommy always interrupting my playtime with school and Dad getting mad if I cry about little boo boos”

Zoe-  “Mommy trying to make me shower with Sadie and Daddy always blasting Grateful Dead in the car.”

9. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Sadie-  “A ballet teacher, help homeless people, or a gas station girl so I can say hi to people”

Reid-  “A writer like Daddy, or a rock star”

 Luke-  “A comedian, singer, or an artist”

 Zoe-  “A piano teacher, babysitter, or a gymnast”

So, there you have it. I’m sure there are many other questions we could have asked them, but this is a general consensus on how they feel about living on the road. Although we sometimes question if this is the best life for them, we know that this time we are spending together is irreplaceable. We hope someday they’ll fondly remember all the good times we are having, and that these memories will not be the reason for electroconvulsive therapy sessions in their adulthood.

8 thoughts on “Out of the Mouths of Babes

  1. That was the best Pete! For me it’s emailing Zoe at all hours of the day and night. Miss you guys like crazy! XO

  2. Wow, thanks so much for this post! My husband and I just started traveling full time in our RV last May and my biggest worry was if our three boys (ages 8,7 and 5) would like it. You gave me some really good questions to ask them:)

    P.s. we are from Florida too- in California right now

    • Thanks. It was fun to hear their answers and to document them for a memory. We will be in CA soon too. Maybe we will run into you 🙂

  3. Loved this Gina! I am confident that this trip will be etched in your kid’s memories forever, in a positive way that they will cherish for a lifetime! What a fantastic adventure! Hugs to everyone!

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