The First 24…

Ouch that one's gonna leave a mark!

Ouch that one’s gonna leave a mark!

You saw the smiling pictures of our take off, the exciting posts and comments… Now the whole truth about the first 24 hours.  It took a week to get over it enough to write about it.

Let me start by saying that Pete only had a few small chances to practice towing the camper.

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From Motorhome to Travel Trailer

1995 Winnebago Vectra! Our first RV that we never used :(

1995 Winnebago Vectra! Our first RV that we never used 🙁

Ok, everyone wants to know what happened to the motorhome! We had a 34′  1995 Winnebago Vectra. It was beautiful and very well maintained. We purchased it, without much consideration, from a family member of a good friend. We loved knowing where it was coming from.

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“Enjoy them, they won’t be little forever!”

Growing up too fast

Growing up so fast!

Geez, I have heard this over and over.  Quite honestly, this comment bugs me! It’s usually the older passerby in a store or sometimes an older relative.  With 4 kids within 6yrs, I have been in survival mode for the last three years. I don’t need someone to remind me that I don’t always enjoy it! Continue reading