What’s Big in Texas?

Kids at Amanda's

If you read our last post Don’t Cry for me, Argentina you will know that we did not get to experience Texas the way we had hoped.  But we DID find something very Big in Texas!

We changed course from I-10 to I-20 while traveling through Texas and decided to visit with some friends that I knew from our homeschool group in FL.  They were a nice family that we used to meet with on park days on Thursday. Amanda and her family  recently moved to Duncanville, TX and we thought it would be good for the kids to see some familiar faces and  have a real play date after several days in the car.

Shortly after setting up camp at Cedar Hill Nation Park, the kids and I headed over to see Amanda and her kids.  They were waiting outside to greet us and made us feel immediately at home. We got to join them for their Friday night tradition of a movie and concession stand.  All the kids got a bag of play money to spend at the mommy operated snack concession and a fun lesson on currency. The kids had a blast and I had to drag them out after 10pm.

The next day is when we woke to the great ant invasion and our plans for Texas went down with the Alamo. Amanda generously offered to watch the kids while Pete and I got to work on fighting the ants. It took much longer than expected and our four kids and both dogs were with her all day. After a grueling day,  Pete and I finally hooked up the camper and headed to her house to pick up our crew.

The kids had such an awesome day. I could tell by the excited voices and the big smiles. Even the dogs appreciated the freedom of a house and fenced in yard for the day.  As we said our goodbyes, Amanda came out with a gift bag for each of the kids filled with activities to keep them busy for our next haul. As we pulled away I found  a handwritten card to Pete and me with a gift card within.

Amanda and the kids were a family that we didn’t know too well a few days ago. They are now at the top of the list of great families we call friends.  Now I can tell you the “big” we found in Texas. BIG HEARTS! BIG HOSPITALITY! The Biggest. Thank you, Amanda & your beautiful family.

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