Why Growing Rootless?

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Breaking free of societal norms…rediscovering family.


So, you think the name Growing Rootless has a negative ring to it?

People are always talking about the importance of  being well rooted and stable. We’ve all heard that consistency for children is imperative and having a connection to community is crucial. So I can understand an initial negative response to the idea of someone wanting their family to be “rootless”. 

When the notion of “Growing Rootless” first dawned upon me, it gave me that same, slight uncomfortable feeling.  However, after some further consideration, I realized it was perfect! These two words embodied all that this adventure means to our family, including the uncertainty that it holds.

This lifestyle change is set to intentionally “grow” us in the areas of: creativity, educational choices, family cooperation and experiences within our natural surroundings.

The concept of being “Rootless” is to experience a detachment from materialism and consumer ideals that we are used to.  We will be letting go of a lot of our stuff.  It is not owning stuff that holds us back, but the constant yearning for more and better stuff and the focus on what drives us to obtain it.  To rid ourselves of that, and grow the things that are really meaningful, is the biggest purpose of this adventure.

From the comfort of my sticks and bricks house, on any given day, I may ask myself “WTF are we doing?” I feel lost. Are we doing life right? We are caught up on the rat wheel, so busy trying to get by and get through. But shouldn’t we be IN.  INto living, not getting by it or through it.

I’m sure that when we are on the road I will have that same feeling of “WTF are we doing” but it will not be for lack of living life.  It will only be because we are uncertain as to what to expect next….I chose the later WTF! Much more interesting.

We are Growing Rootless!

9 thoughts on “Why Growing Rootless?

  1. the notion struck me as being tree “huggerish” but the realization of depth and perception that the concept holds is as valuable as the ability to speak.

    Awesome move very inspirational and cant wait to follow your journey along with my love… Michele Soriano <3 Hope to see you in Ny someday!

    • Thank you John. I have to admit I am a little tree huggerish! 😉
      We will make it to NY eventually & looking forward to meeting you and experiencing Michelle’s awesome photography.

  2. I am so excited for you guys and so proud of what you’re doing! Tom and I are of the same mindset of living life as an adventure. Living between NY and Italy will allow our daughter to have options and choices inspired by creativity, nature and a sense of family. Living in Italy in a small town where living off the land is the norm, nature is respected and children still play tag in the street has allowed us to see a big contrast between the materialism here and that simple life that is so much more nurturing for a growing family. We’ve lived there for 2 summers and we still haven’t bought a TV! And we have so much less “stuff” there. I find that when we’re there, we just don’t crave material things. I do prefer my sticks and bricks ; ) but I envy your ability to let that go. We’re still contemplating staying there and selling the house in NY.

    So, I commend you and your family for doing this. You’re going to do great things for young people in a time when it is so desperately needed. In the process you’re going to teach your children respect and empathy for others which these days seem to be very underrated values. Congratulations on your adventure! I’ll be with you and I look forward to reading the blog. You guys are so inspiring! XOXO!

  3. Thanks so much for the encouraging words and sharing your experience. This small town in Italy sounds amazing! I wish you the best in finding the right balance for your family as well. I totally agree that a “simple life is much more nurturing to a growing family”. So well said.

  4. Break free from societal norms!! Yes! …and for that matter reinvent everything…. family, education, work, etc. whatever it is.. do it with style and do it from the heart. There is no way you can lose. It’s always a win-win. I’m so proud to know you, Giargente clan. Love you guys. <3 peace out on your new adventures.

  5. As I read this post while camping with my family, I agree 100% with ‘growing rootless’. It is a shame how our society values material possessions. Looking forward to reading about your adventures. I hope to one day share the same experience with my family.

    • It’s so nice to camp and take time away from it all. It does put things in a different perspective. Thanks for reading & sharing your thoughts.

  6. Pete, Gina and Family
    We wish the best for all of you!!
    What you guys are doing is great! Being together is what really counts. How many kids get the chance to travel with their parents all over the United States? I hope they all have journals to jot down little things….who knows maybe one day they will write a book of their journey.
    Be safe!
    We wish the best for all of you.
    Of course we will miss you at Starbucks 🙂

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